GAC Directors

Current Board of GAC Directors (2017)


It is my honour and pleasure to serve as the Gumala Aboriginal Corporation Chairperson. We, your board, work together pragmatically and in unison to consolidate our position as the Manager of the General Gumala Foundation. Moreover, the Board has creatively sought to maximise how we best deliver initiatives and benefits to the members, with a strong focus on sustainability and equality.

The GAC Board of Directors are committed to working in alignment with “The Trustee” to achieve shared strategic outcomes and organisational goals which will mean more efficient and productive use of our resources. We have worked hard to bring our three entities – GAC, GEPL and “The Trustee”- together in a way that will further empower our families.

Fundamentally, GAC’s strategic objectives have not changed over the years. The GAC Board of Directors continue to focus on creating sustainable communities through the areas of:

  3. EDUCATION and

However, what has now changed is the way we will achieve these outcomes. This year our plans have been reworked so that we continue to build a more strategic approach to regional partnerships and program & service delivery. We need to be smart and implement new ways that will allow us to continue to create sustainable communities by advocating for, and delivering, enduring benefits and effective programs in the most economical way possible to achieve real results for our families.

We know that GAC needs to remain conscious of the changing needs of our families and we will continue to explore how we can do that through open and honest conversations. To be successful in achieving outcomes, we need to listen to our families.

As we all know, the economic environment of the Pilbara and generally across Western Australia, has changed dramatically over the past 24 months and the GAC Board of Directors is committed to working collaboratively with partners who want the same outcomes. We now need to do more for our families, using less of our precious resources, by working with trusted partners and tapping into other funding sources that can assist in the areas of health, housing, education and law & cultural preservation.

It is for you we work for and it is you that wish to serve. In closing, I would like to officially recognise the original signatories of the Yandi Land Use Agreement, and those elders (past and present) who played an integral part in the negotiations. Without their hard work, sacrifice, passion and commitment, GAC would not be the Corporation it is today.

Steven W. Dhu

Congratulations to the elected Directors and re-elected Directors as of November 2017:

Name Position Language Group
Steven W Dhu Chairperson Banyjima
Brian Tucker Deputy Chairperson Nyiyaparli
Lisa Coffin Secretary Nyiyaparli
Karen Tommy Director Banyjima
May Byrne Director Banyjima
Andrew Dhu Director Banyjima
Christina Stone Director Nyiyaparli
Natalie Parker Director Nyiyaparli
Mary Mills Director Yinhawangka
Tyson Weedon Director Yinhawangka
Gloria Smith Director Yinhawangka
Stuart Ingie Snr. Director Yinhawangka


 Gumala is finding new ways of delivering economic,  social,  cultural and on-country benefits that are sustainable and accountable, effective and efficient.


Our way forward is not achievable without our members. Your attendance, support and voice is critical to Gumala’s future and the way ahead.